Thursday, November 5, 2009

Six Word Contests

Read All About It—

Six Word Story About a Significant Object

You will find a photo of the object and instructions on how to post your entry.

The contest closes November 6th! That does give you today and tomorrow— and it's only six words.

If that deadline is too close here's another six word contest:

Six-Words—Digital Life

"SMITH Magazine and PBS FRONTLINE/Digital Nation want to hear your stories about life in the digital age. In six words, tell us how the web and digital technology are changing how you think, work, live, or love. Has something you've posted online come back to haunt you? "
Frontline Digital Nation

The contest deadline has been extended to January

Frontline Blog
Frontline Digital Nation Blog

And: I encourage you to follow Word Collage. You can do so by signing up for email notification — whenever there is a new posting.Google translate will allow you to read the posts in your native language.

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