Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Book Becomes a Film

Back several posts—November 25th— I wrote about a new book.
Today I received this announcement from Jaimal.

Hi all,
I can hardly contain my excitement today. Not only is it the day of the famous Eddie Open and Rohatsu, the celebration of the Buddha’s enlightenment – it’s also the day that we’re beginning production on Saltwater Buddha: The Film. I’m so grateful that the renowned and visionary film-makers at Nohoch Productions and Roberto Vezzone films saw potential for Saltwater Buddha to be put on the silver screen and that we’re partnering with beautiful organizations like Save the Waves so that the film can give back to the environment.

We're releasing the pre-production trailer of the film (watch it at Saltwater Buddah) at 1 PM today.

Happy Holidays and Happy Surfing!

P.S. -- Let me know if you have any questions about the film. I've also attached a press release for anyone who's interested. I'll be posting more about the film at Jaimal Yogis

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