Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Submission Accepted

July 14th Word Collage listed Green Prints magazine as a place to send stories.
The Green Prints Posting

Please let me know when you have followed up on a listing—and, like Larry, received an acceptance for a story you wrote.

Larry writes:

An article I wrote was just accepted by GreenPrints magazine, a publication I learned about several months back from Wordcollage. It's a magazine for garden writing (not about garden techniques, but rather reflections on the joys of the gardening life). Since my writing is mainly narrative non-fiction, and since I am an avid gardener, I thought that this might be a good outlet for some of my work. I first submitted an article, "The War of the Squirrels," earlier this year to the mag. It recounted my 7-year-long unsuccessful battle to keep my neighborhood squirrels from eating the corn I grew annually, usually the day before it was ready to harvest. GreenPrints passed on that one (does anyone know of another publication outlet I might submit that article to?).

Undaunted, I submitted another article to GreenPrints, with my cover letter beginning "If at first you don't succeed . . . ." That article did succeed. It's entitled "Johnny Lilyseed" and is about a person my wife and I met on our daily walks to Boston Bean coffee shop in the next town over from ours. It recounts how we first met Ray as he was planting daylilies along the public right of way, all on his own time and his own nickel, and how, as time went on, we became better acquainted with him and even became involved in his subversive activity of beautifying land that didn't belong to us. The publisher accepted this article, but more than accepting it (apparently without any changes) and paying a modest fee for it, I am most excited about the editor's comment that it is "a sweet, warm story -- gentle and nicely told."

The article won't see print for several months, but when it does (and if it goes up on their Web site), I'll send out the link to it. In the meantime, here's a few lines from "Johnny Lilyseed" -- as we came upon Ray planting his daylilies along the roadside:

“You’re a regular Johnny Lilyseed,” I joked, and I said I was going to start calling him that if he continued his crusade.

Ray did – he continued to plant daylilies along other parts of the road that was on our walking route to the coffee shop, so Joanie and I saw him frequently, his hands happily engaged in the dirt, his plants at the ready to be plunged into the holes he was digging."

Larry Kerpelman


  1. Larry,

    I am SO PROUD of you!!! How fantastic to get yet another of your writings published. I love the "Johnny Lilyseed" and the whole story of stopping to talk to this individual and developing a relationship. Can't wait to read it. Very cool! You inspire me ... maybe in 2010. You'll have to teach me how to make a dream a reality!

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Quite an achievement--both the publication and receiving genuine money! Looking forward to reading it.