Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Gift for the Writer

I love walking around a library, randomly picking up books, and hoping to find a treasure.

I found Thanks, But This Isn't For Us on the third shelf of new non-fiction books.

Jessica Page Morrell, the author, covers everything from opening lines, to the first, second and third revisions. In between she touches on naming, "Don't mention categories of things...instead bring us closer." Naming things brings accuracy. She reminds writers that "palid verbs are always an indication of a weak writer."

Morrell writes about memoirs" "Ask yourself why you are writing—to discover the truth, to leave a legacy, to remember, to understand what happened to you? No matter the reason analysis is required."

She gives explicit details on how to create a Project Bible—a "compilation of facts, research notes, scene locations, characters' physical attributes, scene order, to help you keep track of a morass of details."

I returned the book and plan to take it out again—
Actually it's worth owning.

Check out Jessica Page Morrell's blog: The Writing Life

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