Saturday, December 19, 2009

On Writing a Newspaper Column

Did you ever want to write a daily or weekly column?

From the New York Times:
Peter Steinfels looks back ... over 20 years of columns.

Peter Steinfeld's Next to Last "Beliefs" column

Tom Rademacher, writing for The Grand Rapids Press won The National Society of Newspaper Columnists 2009 1st place award for General Interest Column Writing in Newspapers with a circulation over 100,000.

"Tom Rademacher’s columns reach out and grab readers by the throat – the heart, actually – and pull them headlong into his stories. At a time when readers complain more than ever about newspapers being filled with nothing but bad news, we can point to Rademacher’s columns and say they’re wrong. There are bright spots amid the bad news, and they are the stories of love and generosity and community spirit that Rademacher shares so eloquently with his readers. We could all use a tall drink of Rademacher on a regular basis these days.

Tom Rademacher's columns

2nd Place went to— Mary Curtis, The Charlotte Observer/The Washington Post

"Mary Curtis takes on tough issues – not to mention local authorities – with a no-nonsense, I’m-talking-to-you-Buster style. She doesn’t mince words, and readers have to appreciate that she writes tight and makes her case in quick, compelling fashion."

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