Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Response to an Assignment

• Select a word ( any word, any part of speech)
• Write a number of discrete paragraphs—using that word
• Some paragraphs may be memoir or personal experience— the others must be beyond personal

All the stories you tell enhance your word, give it multiple meanings beyond your word's definition. The piece is made up of different beads forming a whole.

"If a writer is any good, what he makes will have its source in a realm much larger than that which his conscious mind can encompass and will always be a greater surprise to him than it can ever be to his reader."— Flannery O'Connor


by Sharon Chiasson

—Come home, go home, at home, leaving home, closing up home, breaking up home, don't come home, no more home, where is home, safe at home, home base, far from home, escaping home, home run, home made, home sick, homeless, home remedy, building a home, there's no place like home, finding a home, escaping home, home fires, phone home, our home, your home, old home, never home, down home—

Home is where the beginning is, the starting point for life, the game or the race.

Young children are at home in a loving embrace, on a safe lap.

We visit our friend's home and are curious about how they do things in their home.

Young people want to leave home feeling like life will not really begin until they step out of their own home.

To be expelled from home is a terrible scar. To have to flee home for safety is a lifetime of recovery. Home should be a shelter, a haven but it is not always.

To be homeless, to have no home address, no place to return to for peace and recovery, what must that feel like?

At holidays families travel to be together, to renew bonds and remember old times and to be at home together. Families are not always comfortable groups, but there is a pull toward home that is hard to resist.

When the last family member is finished with the old home, the belongings are scattered among the relatives and the needy and the rubbish and the home is sold. The stories that go with each item are gone also. The items will have a new home and new stories.

Moving to a new home brings immense change. Each doorway, corner, bedroom, kitchen, basement and attic must be slowly eased into our concept of home. It takes time to feel a history beginning to grow. Life activities and events confirm that we are at home.

Each year I join an unorganized caravan of travelers going home. Each to our old neighborhood in Cape Breton, to try to find home. I see others, like myself, listening to music, the cadence of the speech pattern, the humor and local style once so everyday and now a summer treat. My Father told a story of a man who died and was welcomed into heaven by St. Peter. They passed a high walled area and the man asked "What is that?" St. Peter replied, "Those are Cape Bretoners. If we let them out they'll go home."

Sharon Chiaisson ©2009

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  1. Hello, Sharon!

    As always, I enjoyed your piece and even had to chuckle about you Cape Bretoners.

    I grew up in a house, not a home. I hope my children believe they grew up in a home.

    Whenever I read about you being the keeper of all the various and vintage items and stories I wish I could say the same.

    Merry Christmas,