Saturday, December 5, 2009

Submissions and More

You'll need something ready to go out—December 7th is the closing date for New Delta Review
New Delta Review's first annual Creative Nonfiction Contest

Anthologies Online lists a number of magazines looking for submissions
Anthologies Online

Just a side note: I don't send a submission to any magazine or anthology that requests a reading fee.

Critique Magazine recently issued their On Writing Issue where writers talk about writing.
Critique Magazine

Randall Silvis writes: "Sometimes it works like this: You are crawling through your story on hands and knees, moving an inch at a time because the brush is so thick that it lets in very little sunlight. You can not see the next tree in your path until you run up against it. And every time you manage to get past another obstacle you feel that you have gotten turned around somehow, off your course. ..."

Sound familiar?

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  1. I want to invite you to visit our new website, Stories Without Words -
    Our goal is to have writers, visit the site, find an image and write anything - a title, caption, poem, essay, story... Right now there are only a few images up as we just launched the site a little over a week ago. It would be wonderful if you and/or any of your writing friends visited our site and felt inspired to write about what they see, posting it in the comment section for the specific image. A new image is posted daily.

    I hope you enjoy the site - Be well, Roka