Friday, January 8, 2010

Call it What You Will

Ever since Ernest Hemingway wrote his six word story, wordsmiths ponder how he managed to write such a complete story in six words. "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Wired Magazine asked a number of writers and designers to try their hand at composing six word stories.
Six Word Stories

—SJ Rozan’s site for six word mysteries.

Six Word Stories probably belong to the flash fiction genre, although flash fiction grants the writer more word leeway.

“Other names for flash fiction include sudden fiction, microfiction, micro-story, postcard fiction, prosetry and short short story, though distinctions are sometimes drawn between some of these terms; for example, sometimes 1,000 words is considered the cut-off between "flash fiction" and the slightly longer "sudden fiction".

More About Flash Fiction at 365 Tomorrows

“Flash fiction is known by many names: short-short story, postcard fiction, sudden fiction, micro fiction, furious fiction, sudden fiction, and even smoke-long fiction (being short enough to read while smoking a cigarette).” — imagine the smoke-long

International flash fiction

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