Monday, January 11, 2010

“The Conundrum of the Nonlinear Writer: A Conversation “ by Carolyn Walker appears in this month’s The Writer’s Chronicle.

In the article:

Abigail Thomas said : “Nonlinear writing doesn’t use chronology as an organizing principal.”

Paul Lisicky said:” Nonlinear writing…typically has a fluid time structure.”

Bernard Cooper speaks of taking digressions while writing.

How does nonlinear creative nonfiction differ from a lyric essay?

South Loop Review...writes this about their magazine: “We publish essays and memoir in lyric and experimental forms. We give greater emphasis to non-linear narratives and blended genres. We welcome montaged and illustrated essays, as well as narrative photography.”

Foamagrams/ describes non-linear narratives as: “…a telling snippet at the beginning that sets up the story and tantalizes, some background, the story-before-the-story, a side excursion, the story itself, and finally a bit that circles around and pulls it all together.”

There’s even some rather technological forays into nonlinear creative non-fiction.

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