Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Years ago, before letter writing went out of style, people wrote long letters to one another—letters, I think, written while sipping a hot cup of Earl Gray tea, letters written with an ink pen rather than a ballpoint. Even when the ubiquitous Bic made its foray into letter writing, epistles were written in longhand.

Over the past twenty years fewer letters are written— perhaps thank you notes remain a hold out. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs ,Social Networks promise immediate responses. Instead of one correspondent a plethora of people read your words, follow your writings.

Letters allowed the correspondent time to think, time to reflect, time to respond.

“Brenda Miller and Holly Hughes are collaborating on a book on writing, tentatively titled The Pen and the Bell: Reading, Writing, and the Contemplative Life, which will feature a series of letters the authors have written to each other.”A Series of Letters

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Best Collections of Literary Letters NPR)

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