Tuesday, January 5, 2010


From the The New York Times

“A French cognitive scientist explains the phenomenon of literacy and its effects on the mind”

Mind Reading

The New York Times Book Podcasts

Mark Sarvas, whose blog Elegant Variations always has something of interest ,is teaching a Novel 1 course at UCLA. His syllabus is listed on his blog.
(The Elegant Variations link is on the Word Collage home page.)

“The goal is to complete the first chapter of your novel by establishing an intimacy with your characters as you artfully shape their journey, and to develop an overall concept to guide you through your story.”

Memoir pieces can be pap or fascinating.
Barry lopez's essay fits in the later category. It's an investigation of place.

The essay appeared the LA Weekly , 11 January 2002

A Scary Abundance of Water

“To visit the Cascades as a boy, to stand in silence in a wash of water-chilled air before Mulholland's altar, was to experience something like spiritual exhilaration. It was solace and Edenic magic."—Barry Lopez

Interviews with Barry Lopez

Also about place— David Wagoner's poem:

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