Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bermuda Sunrise

by Ira Smith
September dawn on Bermuda’s highest point,
undeveloped summit of Somerset Island;
Mother Nature begins her dynamic show!
The main character waits off stage
while audience warm-up takes place.
Brisk winds, intermittent showers, and
layered cloud formations usher in the swollen sun,
blinding me as she peeks through blue slits
between billowing tans, pinks, maroons,
grays and even blacks;
show concludes with special guest -
giant over-the-shoulder rainbow.

Meanwhile, the lifeless QE2 lies at anchor
in the shallow Great Sound, too large to be dockside;
a tender nuzzles her amid ship - whale suckling its calf.
Passengers asleep in the hull like swallowed fish,
exhausted from yesterday’s shopping in Hamilton
and last night’s night clubbing, their mind, body and soul
imprisoned by steel encasement of their life style,
view restricted to a single port hole,
totally oblivious to the mystique and glory
of the Bermuda sunrise.

Ira Smith © 1984

1 comment:

  1. Ira, I simply loved this poem - or is it a painting? Such a vivid picture in my mind. I loved your choice of words, especially "a tender nuzzles her amid ship, whale sucking its calf", and "passengers asleep in the hull like swallowed fish". The ending was perfect with the stark contrast between "view restricted to a single port hole" and that magnificent, spreading, glorious sunrise. Wow! Thanks for sharing this experience so eloquently.