Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Place To Roam

UK Web Archive

"The Archive contains sites that reflect the rich diversity of lives and interests throughout the UK. Search is by Title of Website, Full Text or URL, or browse by Subject, Special Collection or Alphabetical List."

"The UK Web Archive is designed to appeal to users across a wide spectrum of interest and knowledge: the general reader, the teacher, the journalist, the policy maker, the academic and personal researcher, and many more besides."

I trolled around and found the British Library site. From there I clicked to British Library Blogs. And...and... I finally ended up at the British Library Online Gallery where I explored eight themes of 19th century life.

Eventually after a number of clicks I stopped when I arrived at the Adopt a Book site.

I think I may adopt a book in memory of my father who loved books —especially history books. It's been many years since he passed away, but every once in awhile I'll pick up a book and think of how we often discussed books. I just finished reading Robert Service's Lenin: A Biography and in my mind visualize a spirited critique of Lenin in light of the archived papers released in the past fifteen years.

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