Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Journaling Yesterday,Flash Fiction Today

I've written about Flash Fiction before; however, I spot it more often—in blogs, online, and in books.

Flash fiction, like journaling, lends itself to brevity.

Flash Fiction stories in the Mississippi Review Online

An essay about the phenomenon: Flashes On The Meridian:
Dazzled by Flash Fiction—by Pamelyn Casto

Check out the left hand side of Ms Casto's blog—lots of fascinating destinations—including an online class on Haiban.

"Briefly, haibun is a combination of vivid prose paragraphs, short poetry (haiku), and sometimes simple pen and ink art work (haiga — and the haiga portion of the haibun can be art work that's generated with photographs or computer graphics as well). Haibun can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a novella. This course will focus on the paragraph-length haibun."

I ordered a used copy of the assigned course text —Journey to the Interior by Bruce Ross for $1.45.

A review of the book by H. Anderson:" The title is an allusion to the work, The Narrow Path to the Interior by the great haiku master Basho.
Ross writes a priceless introduction to haibun that serves as a course all by itself so if you know nothing at all about this wonderful form, you will come away from this book with a solid foundation."

Translation of the opening to Basho's Narrow Path to the Interior

Note that Ms Casto incorporates other elements into the creating of a Haiban.

I'm always up to trying something new—for me. Anyone else want to try?

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