Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lost Books

I've always been fascinated with the books that didn't get readers. Some, no doubt, deserved to remain hidden. Yet, I think there are books , every bit as good as many that make the racks, that simply languished in a bin.

So I was fascinated with Daniel Kalder's article in the Guardian
Lost literature: the unknown unknowns

"The stories behind great writing that has lain forgotten, suppressed or invisible, are often the most fascinating."

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  1. Kalder mentions "A Confederancy of Dunces"—a favorite book from long ago—and hooked me. Good link. I met O'Toole's mother in New Orleans in the '80s and saw possible motives for suicide, rather than lack of publication. That myth came from his mother, who wore lace gloves to serve tea and then played the piano for us. Not much talk of her son. Poor guy.