Thursday, May 6, 2010

Of Things Mexican

I know I'm several days off—but in celebration of Cinco de Mayo:
A Boston Review interview withPaco Ignacio Taibo II

who is a "teacher, unionist, activist, and editor, but above all he is a writer, an innovator of what he considers the most important art form of the late twentieth century: the mystery novel."

And from Mystery Fanfare Cinco de Mayo mysteries

The Cinco de Mayo Murder by Lee Harris
The Bane of Cinco de Mayo by Nathan S. Mitchell
The Cinco de Mayo Reckoning by Terry Money

An Anthology of Contemporary Mexican Poets
Mouth to Mouth

"Mouth to Mouth [demonstrates] that Mexico is a leading contributor to the literature of the Americas."
-Ray Gonzalez, The Nation

And an anthology of short stories:
Best of Contemporary Mexican Fiction
Alvaro Uribe (Author, Editor), Olivia Sears (Editor)

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