Sunday, June 13, 2010

From the We Write Poems website

The Black Flood, a Creative Response to Disaster
from their website:

"The Black Flood is an online publication (call it a blog if you like, or an e-zine or anything that pleases you) offering writers a place to publish their most immediate reactions of the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. By the time most of us send a submission off to the small magazines (more than half academic and closed to submission for the summer) we will be chest-deep in Armageddon or the world will have moved on. Any net proceeds from the collection of work originally published on this site (see Submissions) will be donated to a reputable Gulf Coast environmental group to be determined.

Mark Folse, Editor

Please submit original poetry, stories, creative non-fiction, artwork, photos or any other creation which speaks to the Catastrophe in the Gulf. (Please read the complete submissions guidelines on their website.)

So here, poets and writers and other creative folks, all have an opportunity to express themselves to this American crisis of major environmental impact!"

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