Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Be or Not to Be

Last week Rap, the online mystery blog, reported on an unusual mystery: Will there be a another revised print edition of the OED?

I also had read the ominous report—

The Oxford English Dictionary—that veritable tome—given its size and expense, would cease as a paper document and be only available as an online dictionary.

The Telegraph U.K.

Jim Winter reports on this seismic shift —Sign of the Times

I wonder if they will still print the one volume tiny print edition? It weighs in at a bit over eleven pounds.

The Compact Edition of The Oxford English Dictionary, Complete Text Reproduced Micrographically (in slipcase with reading glass) (v. 1-20) [Deluxe Edition] [Hardcover]—sold at Amazon for $395.00

You really can't read the infinitesimal print without the magnifying glass and a good lamp.

I've always wondered about owning one. Would I hover over it, large magnifying glass in hand, scanning for arcane words?

According to the article Rap quotes: OUP spokesman Anna Baldwin said "... no decision had been made.

Eighty lexicographers at OUP’s Walton Street offices are currently preparing the third edition. The first edition was published in 1928 and the 20-volume second edition followed in 1989.

No decision has yet been made on the format of the third edition. It’s likely to be more than a decade before the full edition is published and a decision on format will be taken at that point. Lexicographers are currently preparing the third edition of the OED, which is 28 per cent complete. No final completion date is yet confirmed.”

No Decision-Yet

With all this talk about the OED you might be interested in reading Simon Winchester fascinating book about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary

The Professor and the Madman

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