Friday, November 5, 2010

National Novel Writing Month Update

"Every book has a birth certificate."
—Azar Nafisi

I spent five hours on the third floor of the library yesterday—plugged in and typing. One of my characters took an unexpected turn and another character followed.

WE, that is the over 160,000 world wide participants, all belong to different local regions and the regions in our wider area vie against one another—accumulated words written. The "leader" of our region sends out pep notes to keep at it. Because I have visitors coming on Sunday I've tried to keep ahead of this frenetic pace. As of last night I clocked in at 13,405 words.

Some people meet for write-ins. I may try one of those next week.

I'm off for a four hour stint this morning—and I hope that I'm in for a few more surprises. Since I decided to participate at the last moment I've been planning out the novel at all sorts of odd times. This morning while showering I realized some things about Sylvia that had been hidden until the hot water hit my body.

I'll keep you posted. There's a challenge to hit 20,000 words by midnight this evening—I'll not meet that, but I expect some folks will be pulling ll nighters.


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