Monday, November 1, 2010

Several Older— But Interesting Articles for Writers

"There is only one real reason to read a poem, and that is to find your way to a larger life than would otherwise be yours to live. This is also the only reason to write a poem."

From the Writer's Chronicle : Poetry: Telescope, Well Bucket, Furnace: Poetry Beyond the Classroom
Jane Hirshfield


"Waking with the definitive thought that time is circular. Indeed, reasonable people could debate the specific form of time: time is triangular, time is helical, or, of course, the compelling assertion that time is rhomboidal. Reasonable people might debate the issue, that is, if they believe that time exists at all."

Fiction: Time's Harrow: A Study in the Nature of Time and Fiction
Brian Tierney


"Terry Tempest Williams calls writers to courage saying, "Our writing is only as strong as we are. The minute we pick up our pen, we are on the path of betrayal."

The challenge, Williams says, is to tell the story straight. "Nakedness is our shield. You can't protect yourself anyway, so you may as well tell the truth. We are all survivors of our own circumstances."

Creative Nonfiction: Peering at Privacy in Creative Nonfiction
Kaylene Johnson

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