Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Discussion —

When may you quote a poem or several lines of a poem? What is permissible in the electronic age?
Poetry and the New Media

This document is a worthwhile read for anyone who writes.


  1. Egad, the document is 76 pages! Does it come in a Cliff's Notes version? A summary? I've only completed the preamble and first half of chapter one.

  2. Ah. I think page 33 helps me the most as a content provider—obtain permission before posting a poet's work. Does this apply if one lists only the first line with a link to the source, do you think?

  3. Jan,

    I'm not sure- but it sounds as if a poet may not want their work truncated. I had always thought that a link back to the original was fine, but even that might present problems.

    I know that I'll continue to link back to stories or sources, but I will be careful about quoting specific lines --save for dead writers.