Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Not Ready

The New York Times will be adding another list of best sellers along with their fiction and nonfiction lists--ebooks.

There's a company that will be selling a book scanner. The scanner holds the book in an open position and the entire unit looks like an undersized overhead projector. In fifteen minutes it will scan a 200 page book. Immediate gratification!

Then you can transfer the scan from your flash drive to your ebook or computer.

Scan Books with the ionaudio

What happens to the writer? I envision people scanning a book to their flash drive and passing the flash drive along to their friends. What publishing house will take a chance publishing literary fiction, poetry, short stories.?

Some schools have gotten rid of their library and replaced it with electronics.

Did the scribes wring their hands when screw type presses were introduced?
Is this progress?
Is this how one becomes a Luddite?

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  1. A Luddite wouldn't post a link to the scanner, L.

    But I do wonder about the future. Will a militant group burn USB devices? Will this have a chilling effect on publishing? Change happens?