Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Children's Book

I'm busy typing away on my wireless keyboard and oblivious to the people in the coffee house when a woman stopped at the table and said, "What is that?" My IPad on its easel and the accompanying wireless keyboard attract attention every time I set it up. I gave my usual explanation—even put in a plug for Evernote and how everything synched.

Within a few minutes I knew that she had been a Special Needs teacher and recently wrote two children's books. I invited her to send me some information—which she did. I've not read the book, but know that there are a number of readers who write for children.

"Vocabulary, history lessons hidden in story of playful Siamese cats— Elizabeth Cygan brings to life a pair of adventurous cats to help expand children’s vocabulary in A Tale of Two Tails: The Adventures of Ben and Bel

– Two playfully mischievous Siamese cats, Ben and Bel, are on a
mission to teach children some new words in A Tale of Two Tails: The Adventures of Ben and Bel (ISBN 1439273936).

As literacy rates continue to plummet in the United States, Elizabeth Cygan aims to further educate school-aged children.

With each chapter, Ben and Bel find themselves encountering a different crazy adventure, and Cygan hopes readers will learn throughout the journey. Whether the cats deal with a catapult or a giant catastrophe, Cygan aims for the funny felines to help readers expand their vocabulary.

Intended for readers to get more than a vocabulary lesson, A Tale of Two Tails also aims to provide history lessons behind Siamese cats and Old Siam, where they originated. Ben and Bel soon begin to run the house, creating all kinds of lovable trouble.

“Since I have tested and advocated for special-needs students, I’ve seen the kind of material that works for children,” says Cygan. “Right now, there’s a surplus of books that have high interest, but with low vocabulary. This book will engage them and also supply them with a wider range of words to use daily.”Besides her two cats at home, Cygan cites the 16 countries ahead of the United States in educational achievement as her inspiration behind A Tale of Two Tails. The author points to studies reflecting that many students and adults find difficulty in reading simple books and newspaper articles. Cygan hopes to offer readers an educational yet entertaining tale with Ben and Bel, but also seeks to provide a tool that will help work toward the reversal of the country’s illiteracy rate.

A Tale of Two Tails: The Adventures of Ben and Belis available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:
Elizabeth Cygan has undergraduate degrees in English, history and education, and graduate degrees in history, business and psychology. She has worked as a special-needs teacher and counselor in elementary schools, and writes a column in The Sudbury Town Crier. Cygan is married with two sons and two grandchildren."

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