Friday, March 11, 2011

Imagine Smelling All the Books...?

When artist Rachael Morrison started working at the MoMA Art Library she decided to smell all the books.

An article in the New York Magazine states her reason, (it) "... is rooted in capturing the ephemeral."

There are 300,000 books in the collection. She’s smelled 150 so far. Each entry is logged in pencil in an accounting ledger.

Perhaps she'll write a book about the experience?


  1. Wouldn't it be weird if a few years from now, if e-Readers take over like the Kindel and Nook, they came out with a scent that you could wipe or spray onto your electronic device to give you that book smell? They could offer two products, new car smell and book smell - both old and new!

    This points out all the intangible benefits we get from reading a real book, which sadly, may be lost one day soon.

  2. Ira there is a company providing aromas for ebooks.