Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do You Have a Book...

Have you tried to find an agent, sent in a manuscript, received form letters telling you that —"we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time"?

Do you think your work is every bit as good as some of the books being published? That includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays—

Take heart.

Wall Street Journal article by Jeffrey A. Trachenberg :
Cheapest E-Books Upend the Chart
You may not be able to read the entire article —however—many libraries subscribe to WSJ

"The nation's largest book publishers are facing increasing pricing pressure on the digital front as the number of cheap, self-published digital titles gain popularity with readers seeking budget-minded entertainment. Inc.'s top 50 digital best-seller list featured 15 books priced at $5 or less on Wednesday afternoon."

There's also information about how Amazon handles payment and distributions.

"An author can format their text and upload it directly to Amazon or hire a digital publisher to format the book and create a dust jacket image."

One author, a Mr. Locke, earns thirty-five cents for every title he sells. Each book sells for ninety-nine cents. Sounds like he wouldn't earn a lot of money. "In March he sold 369,000 downloads on Amazon." Mr. Locke markets himself and his books.

It's worthwhile tracking down the article if you can't read it in its entirety on the web link.

April 21st WSJ
Section: Marketplace
Page: B1

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