Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Essay a Day

Jan sent me the link to Spitalfields Life. Do check it out—the prose is captivating.

The writer of the blog ,who calls himself The Gentle Author, explains that he intends to write everyday about London —that is he anticipates writing an essay a day for years.

It is my custom to walk everywhere in London and I discover things on my walks, so you will also find stories here from places that are within walking distance of Spitalfields.

Like Good Deeds and Everyman in the old play, let us travel together. I promise to keep writing to you every day and it will be an eventful journey we shall have together.

Your loyal servant

The Gentle Author

If you love the smell of books and a well bound book—
Spitalfields Life: At the Wyvern Bindery

If you pause on the Clerkenwell Rd and look through the window of the Wyvern Bindery, you can witness the entire process of bookbinding enacted before your eyes. Among presses and plan chests, surrounded by racks of multi-coloured rolls of buckram and leather, and shelves of type and tools, the bookbinders work, absorbed at tables and benches, trimming pages and card for covers at guillotines, sewing and gluing and pressing and tooling, working with richly subtly hued canvas and leather, and finally embossing them with type for titles. In a restricted space, they pursue individual tasks while also engaging in an elaborate collective endeavour, sharing equipment and bench space as their projects require different areas of the shared workshop – all within a constant dynamic harmony.

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  1. A rare find, eh? I, too, admired the imagery of the bindery, Linda, and drooled over the accompanying photo.
    How does author manage these daily elegant descriptions?