Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where Does Your inspiration to Write Originate?

FromPoets and Writers
Writers Recommend ways to invigorate your writing.

I collect newspaper articles
or snippets of real life stories
I write down lines from books
interesting names
geographic placenames

a litany of the unusual
catalogued, listed
waiting for a chance
to metamorphise
into a story or poem


  1. Seems to me that you observe people and things, too — or at least that's how I feel when reading what you've written. That this happened, and how it happened.
    I try to avoid writing, because to start seems to trigger old wounds. Photography leads me to see beauty right now. Soon I hope to merge the feelings.

  2. Epiphany! I'll use the photos to add to my notebooks and start to gather those "wonders" one author mentioned in your link. (Just for my own use, and for shouting into the wind.)

  3. Yes, I observe people and eavesdrop on conversations—but often the middle of the conversation which necessitates inventing a beginning and an end. Sometimes a single word captures my imagination.

    Today we went out for lunch at my favorite coffee shop and sat at a table for two— adjacent to another table for two. Since it was the lunch hour the tables filled up quickly.

    I couldn't help noting that the woman who sat diagonally across from me had the longest toenails. And that made me think of the woman who grew her fingernails for decades until they curled and spiraled like tentacles. Who knows where I'll go with that bit of trivia.