Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Call for Submissions


from A Measure of Words
Small press seeking submissions for mystery anthology with genealogy theme. Open to interpretation as long as genealogy is main theme. You never know who’s part of your family! 3000-4000 words. Deadline: 2/29/2012. Free book upon publication.

To be Published as an ebook and paperback

Send submissions to:
M. Dellafera
94 Wheeler Road
Hollis, NH 03049.



The Background Story

Just before the year 2000 Michaeline and I sat around a coffee house pondering the difficulties of getting a short story published unless you had a name. After a sweet roll and a glass of bottled water we decided to publish a magazine. Sometimes when you don't know the difficulties you just plunge. We didn't even know how to obtain an ISBN number.

We scoured sources to find names and to get a handle on what was being read. We needed a niche—and that niche was Women's Words— short fiction. We wanted to print literary short stories by women —each story between 2000 and 3500 wds. Several other folks joined Women's Words, Katherine— who worked for a large publisher and was involved in the printing and layout of books, Kay— who was a professional copy editor as well as a free-lance writer and Dorothy as an assistant editor. Pat became our marketing guru— a job she held in real life.

We wrote up a plan and opted to try for a MA Cultural Grant—and received an initial grant which allowed us to have the journal professionally set-up and printed on quality paper.

I rented a P.O. Box and we placed a call for submissions in Poets and Writers. About three weeks after the ad appeared brown envelopes began to arrive at the post office—scads of brown envelopes. Eventually we had submissions from thirty-one states and eight countries.

An artist I knew produced the first cover.

Every weekend for months I filled a sack with envelopes and went to the coffee house to read submissions.

We submitted our first issue to The Council of Literary Journals and Magazines and on our first try we were accepted into the CLMP.

The short version is that we published two journals a year for several years. My second greatest thrill was when the Boston Public Library took out a subscription. The first thrill—the wonderful stories writers sent us.

After two years of twice yearly journals the cost of mailing the journals and the cost of printing became too high to sustain the magazine.

Several years ago we published a stand alone anthology— Friends and two years later another anthology Secrets

Now we're ready to jump into online publication with another anthology. We hope that you will join us.

Linda Watskin


  1. Thanks for letting me know! Now...which mystery to write about... Is a copy of an old photograph that prompted a mystery allowed? I've solved numerous mysteries in our family tree. Many I wish I hadn't solved! And with many, several family members, even with proof, refuse to believe the solution to the mystery.

    Cathy L

  2. It's your interpretation--however you want to tell a story. We don't want to put up any restrictions save for the theme.

    We're hoping that we get a wide variety of responses.

    Glad that you'll think of paticipation.


  3. That should read participating. I do have trouble writing on a tiny keyboard.