Sunday, July 24, 2011

A New Column

The New York Times introduces a new column.

Geoff Dyers will write about Books

"Beginning this week, Dyer will write a regular column for the Book Review, “Reading Life,” detailing the ups and down of his long relationship with the written word. What do we do to books and what do books do to us? How do they delight and derange? Dyer’s encounter with one academic author’s unintentional masterpiece occurs in this issue."

The First Column

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  1. There go my ten free online visits to the NYT? I think it's ten per month. No. Phew.
    "Visitors get 20 free articles (including blog posts, slide shows, video and other multimedia features) each calendar month on"
    Okay. Now I'll check the column. I feared I'd get hooked and simply have to subscribe. (Apologies to my newspaper bro-in-law and all other print newspaper people. Change is upon us.)