Friday, August 26, 2011

Finding a Topic

So many topics to choose. Here's an article about an unusual race.

From Believer Magazine An Unusual Race


  1. Fascinating read! When my editorial eye doesn't trip over the writing and I start to read more quickly— to learn what happens and what the protagonists learn, or in this case, the runners, I give the writer top marks! Later, I'll return to see and deconstruct the style and verbs.

    And I think there's a bit of this drive and zeal and mania in many of us. In you?

    Thanks for the link!

  2. There's zeal, but not to the point of extreme risk--save in fantasy. But I love reading about those people who strain against maddening odds.

    My topics - at the moment-- ice creams I have known, darkness and light,
    and water. Water as giver, water as metaphor and water as a disappearing resource. Our consumption of water is increasing, but the supplies stay the same.


    In medias res