Thursday, August 4, 2011

Integrating Photos and Words

From Spitalfield's Life an article on Salmon Smokers—replete with fascinating and informative photographs.

In fact almost every article on this site is first rate.

And a site that offers a prompt based on a Wordie.

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  1. Love Spitalfields; appreciate the reminder. Seems as though their email reminder arrives sporadically.

    Good to see your computer working! But must be contagious: last night I used my Windows PC instead of my Mac, and had a Crash Dump. (That’s what Windows called it). Didn’t resemble the Blue Screen of Death, but I’m not touching it until tech support returns home tonight from his biz trip.

    The good news, as I think I mentioned? Made a backup of PC and Mac and photos last week for storage on external drive at spouse’s office. So only lost a mere week.

    Off to check out the bluebells lounging kitty site.