Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas 2011 at a Slant

By Elizabeth

Plaster dust hangs in the halls and coats the stairway, specific piles of papers line an edge of the dining room floor, all the bedrooms are packed with their usual fare as well as furniture, computers, books and papers from the room newly replastered. My son comes home from college in less than a week, my daughter flies to my parent’s home in Pittsburgh from Tel Aviv a few days later.  

My son and I drive to Pittsburgh next week, with a stop first to see his neurologist.

Guess it would be nice to gently string some lights over the freshly painted porch. Need to: keep checking online about my latest job application, revise my resume again for improvements I need to make, go into Cambridge for a public forum on energy at MIT (part of the “intelligence-gathering” phase of my job search); witness testimony at the State House for Single-Payer Health Care;  attend opening for an art show; start financial aid applications; wrap presents in widely ruled  children’s writing paper; sweep and wet mop plaster dust and markings;  move displaced furniture back into the newly replastered room; prepare to ask roofing contractor about his job; lower and wash twenty storm windows – make sure the upper storm is on the outside; write out the monthly budget, see therapist, acupuncturist and network chiropractor; go to gym; walk and breathe.

No time for baking this year. I’ll miss giving cookies to neighbors. Hope they understand.  Good thing I made a holiday swag for the house – trimmings from trees in my yard and an old Christmas bow. (It kept sliding off the front door window so I hung it on the lamp post!)

Have a great time in Pittsburgh with friends and family:  Christmas tree decorating, Hanukkah candles, wrapping and giving presents, baking and decorating cookie ornaments, gingerbread house and parties, champagne and singing. Enjoy the moments with them and toast to good health and happiness.

Be gracious with former spouse, his brother, and sister-in-law.

Christmas is such a special time. Nothing changes that.  

By Elizabeth Milligan


  1. Remember to breathe. An ambitious list, Elizabeth, and you left me curious with 'to see his neurologist'!

  2. Elizabeth such a long time, nice to hear of you. Yes, the message gets lost in the obligations. Looking back it is an important effort. Changes, losses and gains, worth hanging onto the memories. Take care, Still lovely writing. Sharon