Sunday, January 29, 2012

Did you ever want to write a western?

There 's a new zine starting up and looking for submissions.
Fires on the Plain

"What are we looking for? Westerns with an edge. Hardboiled. Noir. Gritty. Dark. Tough. Stuff that Harry Whittington, Clifton Adams, H.A. DeRosso, or Brian Garfield would have written. Who else do we love here at Fires on the Plain? Elmore Leonard, Ed Gorman, James Reasoner, T.V. Olsen, Frank Castle, Tom Piccirilli, George Gilman, Bill Pronzini, Richard Telfair — the list goes on."

My father loved westerns -- movies in particular. Whenever a new western appeared in our neighborhood theatre he cajoled my mother into going. She thought they were all the same.

" And the cowboy rolls around on the ground, jumps on his horse, lassoes wild steer , romances the love of his life and his hat never falls off."

Check out the site, you may be intrigued.

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