Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Know it's early...

But maybe the time to start thinking about ten writing resolutions. From Writing Unboxed 10 New Year's Resolutions for Writers
Want to share your ideas?
Mine are simple.
1. Stop making so many glasses of tea and get down to the actual writing
2. Really question how many saved copies are necessary
3. Stop fixating on why the Red Sox seem stuck in neutral
4. Quit organizing files and write things to put in the files
5. Don't forget to get up and stretch, walk a bit, have a cracker
6. Realize that this won't be the year of the novel, accept it as the year of the short...
7. Wait before selecting the font for final printing
8. It's ok to dabble in different genres--Try writing a dystopia short story-- they are big right now
9. Don't write a dystopia short story or a horror story or a story peopled by vampires no matter how they are selling.
10. Take deep breaths at least once an hour

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