Monday, July 29, 2013

The God Thing

When I asked for writing for the blog Marcia sent me this evocative piece.

So this sinner is sitting here, trying to figure out THE mystery. Like I have some sort of inner wisdom, some new take on the age-old question. But I figure, why not me? Whoever figures it out, will have some of my same qualities, doubtless another imperfect human being, perhaps a bit impatient. So maybe I have at least a chance of coming within grasp of the truth, or rather the truth as I see it. I really don’t think there is a single truth. Picture all of us on a Ferris wheel up in the clouds, turning round and round, grubby fingers all, straining and reaching for the Ring.

What puzzles me is just how God prioritizes. Now I find this extremely difficult in my everyday old lady life. Is the walk before breakfast more important than the breakfast before the walk? Should I walk the dog before I pay the bills? Should I donate to that charity whose envelope lingers in the bill bowl, first, or deal with it later? Do I write that letter now, or perhaps catch up on the local news? Decisions. Every day, moment by moment decisions. Should I take a quick afternoon nap, or will it ruin my chances of a good night’s sleep? And I’m only in charge of me.

God’s got the whole world on Her shoulders. Most likely She knows how to do all this prioritizing. The requests received are as endless as the needs of the world. The misery witnessed enough to paralyze a mere human into inaction. Another miracle, God never sleeps. She is here, there and everywhere, especially evident in all the unexpected nooks and crannies.

I wish I’d never seen a picture of Jesus, the Son of God. It is hard to get the notion of God, as a human being, out of my head. Human beings have so many limitations and yet God is limitless. No matter how impossible the circumstances, God is there, along with a million other places, all at the same moment in time. This is what trips people up, the impossibility of it all. It puts the end to their search. They liken it to trying to explain to their children how Santa visits every little child in the world on one evening of the year.

But maybe, here’s the connection we need. Christmas of course is the birth of baby Jesus. Now we all know, Santa needs lots of helpers. He just can’t do it all by himself, the making, the shopping, the wrapping, the delivery. He counts on all of us worker-bees to make it (showing our love for one another) happen. (It is most unfortunate that for far too many the “it” has been translated into material things). Now I know most folks think Santa is highly over-rated, and in fact threatens to hijack the meaning of Christmas, but sometimes I wonder.

Every year Santa reminds us of his need for helpers. And the females among us groan at the expectations thrust upon us. The factories pump up their production, and the stores call for more workers. The charities promote the folks most in need. The food banks solicit more food for the hungry. We all become primed for giving. And at least for a little while, as Joseph Campbell says, “we lean toward the light”.

For God only exists because of all of us. She’s really counting on us, every day to come through. She’s given us all we need to be human or rather, humane. She may not be holding your hand through childbirth, but your nurse or partner is, and love is love, no matter where it comes from. God’s gifts to each of us include love and kindness. It is up to us to give it freely to others, wherever we find ourselves. This is the way it works. And with each gift received, the recipient is more likely to do the same. And the world goes round and round, and there is no need to grasp for the Ring, or stop the ride.

Marcia Cook
May 25, 2013


  1. Nice to hear your voice again as well. It has been too long. As complicated as it all feels it is good to be reminded that it can come down to one simple Well done. Joy

  2. Hi Marcia, so nice to read your wonderful writing. Why does it take a life time to get to that point of view? Lovely writing, glad you are still producing. To read your pov is inspiring. Perhaps we can walk and talk again sometime. Sharon